From the Beginning until Now

From the Beginning until Now is a poetry book that contains reflections on the author's life, spirituality, and the various obstacles that have happened in her life.  The common theme throughout the book is that if you have faith, then you can make it out of any situation. All of this poetry was written from the author's life from her childhood throughout her adult life.


A Sight to Behold

A Sight to Behold is a poetry book that continues poems from the first book From the Beginning Until Now. This book includes poetry on the topics of ever-lasting life, relationships, and people who have impacted the author. A poetry book that paints a picture of real-life situations faced by the author filled with joy and sadness. Overall, readers can see how can in fact bless you if you believe in him.

A Daily Reflection

A Daily Reflection is a 32-day devotional that includes Scripture from the King James Version of the Bible based on real-life situations.  This book allows you as a reader to think about various aspects of life such as forgiving someone, finding your purpose in life, and even dealing with people.  Each day ends with an opportunity to reflect on three reflection questions. An excellent way to look at life from a different perspective.

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