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Have you ever had the dream of publishing a book and you have tried a traditional publisher several times and been rejected? Then book a free strategy call on how my company can assist you in getting your book published.

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Win 2 Publishing, LLC is a small business that helps aspiring authors get their books on the market at an affordable price. Instead of going through a publishing company, you can use my self-publishing company to publish your  book instead.

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Dr. Ann Rhodes is a self-published author who has published 7 books. She has dealt with publishing companies, but she has found out that you can follow the same steps as a publishing company and get better results by doing it yourself.

This Is Marketing Done Right.

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Mac the Magnificent Mouse

This is a children's book about a mouse that goes to school and looks for students who are following directions. No one can see him until a student really needs his help. He comes out to help the student and saves the day.

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Book Trailer


Book Trailer

Mac the Magnificent Mouse: Shows Responsibility

This is the 2nd book in the children's series: Mac the Magnificent mouse. In this adventure, Mac the Magnificent mouse slips into the school building and finds a little boy who needs help with showing responsibility. It shocked everyone to learn how the little boy changed his attitude in the end.

Books I've Recently Self-Published

Copy of From the Beginning until Now

From the Beginning until Now

This is a poetry book that reflects on the trials and tribulations of the author's life, spirituality, and how people can have a powerful influence.

A Sight to Behold

A Sight to Behold

This is a poetry book that includes everlasting life, the holy spirit, holidays, school, relationships, and faith.

A Daily Reflection

A Daily Reflection

This book is a devotional that includes a scripture, a story, and reflection questions. This book gives you an opportunity to think about everyday life.

My Open Hands (4)

My Open Hands

This book is a devotional book that includes scripture, a prayer, and reflection questions. This book allows you to reflect on the common actions that happen during your life.

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